Thursday, July 26, 2012

july 24-26

 tuesday july 24

on tuesday we went to meeting, and ashlin said: it was really boring.  especially the first half.  and the second half.
laurie, positively: the third half was good!
patrick: snicker.

wednesday july 25

laurie: we went to the thing (summer in the park).  it was really fun.  we were looking for elephant ears, we couldn't find it so we looked around.  we saw some cute dresses, then some face paint, and it turns out it was for free.  when janelle came back from the bathroom we told her that the face paint was for free, and then ashlin went to get her face painted; she got a tiger.  me and hannah and marcella and janelle didn't want our faces painted.  then we went to get some twisted ice cream.  then we went to this plalace that was in the park and we got poutine for hannah and ashlin got a drink and marcella got some kettle corn.  we sat on a bench looking out at the water and then we went to the playground and played there for so long.

marcella: janelle was sitting at the side, and she heard 2 girls playing, and one of them said "sister, save me!  i'm surrounded by trolls!"  when she told us, we all laughed.  and we've been saying it ever since.

laurie: the ice cream made me gassy and i had really bad farts.  i won't say whether it happened to janelle or not because she might sit on me.

ashlin: on the way to the marina, after we picked up hannah, we stopped at the bank.  we saw this guy walk by and his shirt, he was wearing it like a shrug, he put his arms through the bottom.  it was weird.  when he walked by, he looked into the car and we all looked away.  when he left, we giggled, and it was really funny.  he became our role model.  just kidding.

thursday july 26

laurie:  we woke up and then went back to sleep and then we woke up again and played with sam for a while and then we ate breakfast.  we had a giant snack plate: animal crackers, cheese, rice crackers, pickles, and strawberries.  and we each had a glass of water.   sam had his nap while we had breakfast.  when he woke up again, we were on the computers and he really wanted us to play with him so we did.  then we had to go clean our room, and sam was bothering us so i finished really quickly and took sam out and played with him.  then we were all done and we all played with him and we had so much fun.

marcella: we went shopping, and when we got home, my hand was beside a bush when i was opening the door, and i felt something on the side of my arm, and i looked down and a bee stung me!  it hurt a lot, and it was my first bee sting.  when we got inside, i put some ice on it, and it was really cold.  janelle gave me some benylyn; it tasted like green apple and it was sort of gross.  (not as bad as tutti fruitti though.)

laurie: while we were shopping, me & marcella got headphones.  mine were silver and marcella got pink.  ashlin already got white ones.

ashlin: i did my nails.  i was going to do music notes, but janelle told me to leave it as lines because it looked cool and i agreed.  and i did marcella's but it didn't work out.  and whatever else they said - yeah.


  1. I actually laughed out loud!!! I love you guys!!!

  2. thursday = my favourite day so far. it was really chill; we played inside mostly, and did our nails and listened to music, and ashlin helped make supper, and the kids chalked up the sidewalk :). it was just really comfortable and fun, and the girls were really kind to each other.

  3. Soooo sweet!! I miss my girls!

  4. Man - I need some more female blood in my house.

    1. having girls around is so much fun! :)