Thursday, July 5, 2012

day one

it's been a little more than 24 hours since mom & the girls got off the plane.
we're all a little silly and sleepy, and they're sitting here telling me what we did.  i'm writing it all down.

had hotdogs.  and hotrods.

we ate cheese.  cucumbers.  pickles. 

and pad thai.

we drank water.

(apparently all we did was eat.)

'you asked him to come talk to vava, and he laid his head down on your belly and said awww and then he wanted to share his toys, so he went and got his firetruck and tried to give it to vava.'

we slept.

went to the lake.

got an oil change and a new battery.  and a carwash.  (and sam cried).

we played ball out on the porch.  (i think they mean deck.  unless it was a really small game.)

tried to buy a wading pool.  (they were out.  no wonder.)

bought shorts.

got our chores done.  in half an hour.

went and picked up patrick.  he was too heavy so we put him back down.  (mild snickering.)

i went to work.  (patrick, glumly.)

we played in a pickle and 5-second rule.

(laurie, tired) i think that's enough.

agreed, small one.  let's go to bed :)


  1. Sounds like you are packing a lot in! I'm happy for you :)

  2. Thank you all so much for making my day - it's crazy how often I am thinking about my crazy monkeys. And that it is their quirkiness that I miss so much!! I feel strange - like I'm only partly here. Keep those crazies crazy for me, Patrick!