Friday, July 6, 2012

day two

it was much cooler today.  we had delightful refreshing showers - not enough to soak us, but enough to cool us. (mom)  it was much nicer than the blistering heat yesterday!

we went to hillcrest park and played a lot.  sam loved it.  (laurie)

i'm glad there are outhouses in parks. (ashlin)

sam gave us lots of kisses! (laurie)

we had yummy eggs for breakfast.  (marcella)

and went to kfc (laurie) - eat your heart out papa ;) (mom).  got to meet chrissy and have sweet potato fries :D yum!

mom took us out for a delicious and fun supper and we played in vickers park to wear out sam - who was clearly in his glory, with so many fun kids to play with :)  she also bought sam a wading pool, so the kids will be able to keep cool even on the hottest day.  (and i might enjoy it during nap time ;))

a great time was had by all. (mom)


  1. Thanks so much!! I did laundry, straightened my hair, went to Costco, and went to work. After Lydia and Devon came in, Papa and I both went to the mall for about half an hour and then I came back to work and Papa went home to go for a run. After work, we stopped at Pizzatown because they make gluten-free pizza (if you can call gluten-free pizza, pizza) and went home and watched "Say Yes to the Dress" while we ate some pizza. :) Maple was crying a bit yesterday so we both snuggled her a bit last night and this morning. She thinks it's strange when I touch her, because I never do. She gives me weird looks.

  2. You guys have outhouses in parks?! That's awesome! I would have loved that while I was pregnant! You guys seem to be having so much fun :)