Tuesday, November 12, 2013

191 to 200

191. Sam exclaiming "oh cute!" when I put on my holey old sweater.
192. His amazement at the fan blowing a balloon straight up in the air.
193. Vava sticking out her tongue whenever she sees the camera.
194. An hour of quiet time in the wee sma's.
195. Phone call from Patrick just to say hi.
196. Sam eating his imaginary kitty. (It didn't suffer lasting damage, he snuggled down to sleep with it later.)
197. Dayquil.
198. Realizing that God is answering my prayer to make me a more patient mother by providing me with ample opportunity to practice.
199. Taking comfort in the long view.
200. Knowing that other mothers are in the same boat, bailing with faltering arms and praying for miracles.

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