Sunday, November 17, 2013

241 to 250

241. Arriving at church during Sam's all-time favourite hymn (holy, holy, holy).
242. Vava willingly staying in the nursery for the first time ever.
243. Meeting (so many!) lovely Nova Scotians at church.
244. Sam pretending to sleep - like Vava - in the car on the way home, and talking the whole time.
245. Wearing gemtone tights.
246. The look on Sam's face when Patrick told him yes, we were going to let him play with the trains at Chapters.
247. An unexpected encounter with the original flooring upstairs, thanks to our leaky humidifier ... weirdly enough, tearing up the carpet was super fun.
248. A calendar full of happiness this week.
249. Breakfast inspiration ... egg and pepper owls tomorrow!
250. Sweet sleepy Sam murmuring to himself "I love Pa."
Sam pretending to sleep ... and oh yes, covered in cracker dust.

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