Friday, November 15, 2013

221 to 230

221. Sam and Vava doing cheers with their sippy cups.
222. Vava's spontaneous and adorable kisses.
223. Happy cuddles with Sam before naptime - sunshine after rain.
224. When Vava forgot the words to peekaboo and jumped out at me and said "baa!" instead.
225. Sam's glee at walking over the train bridge.
226. Vava gobbling soup and calling for more between bites.
227. The big bright moon in a wide black sky.
228. Family cuddles around an episode of Peppa Pig.
229. Laughing so hard with my heart-sister I could barely breathe.
230. Making a schedule for tomorrow with lots & lots of boxes to check.  Ahhh. I love checking items off lists!

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