Saturday, November 30, 2013

371 to 380

371. Sam clearing his toys off the bookshelf and cuddling down in it for an imaginary nap.
372. Dinner at Donald and Elizabeth's ... with take out to bring home! Yum! We were so thoroughly spoiled.
373. Doing a family photo shoot with the self-timer in the snow.
374. Patrick doing laundry with the kids.
375. Tackling a chore I've been dreading and killing it in ten minutes.
376. Scrubbing the shower with my favourite mint scrub (and using all the hot water ... sorry love!).
377. Movember ending; kiss bliss at last!
378. Making a duplo tower taller than Sam.
379. Vava falling asleep in my arms.
380. Patrick playing Christmas music for me all day, even though he's not really a fan ♥.

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