Sunday, November 24, 2013

311 to 320

311. The strange and lovely sensation of being small ... sitting in a crowd of people who are all standing and singing glad to the Lord.
312. Being surprised by a fresh blanket of snow after Sunday school.
313. Stealing a nap on the couch while Vava played.
314. Finding a dollar!
315. Vava's irresistible cuteness in her stripey hat, even when she wears it on top of her hood.
316. Cute blue boots for miss V to wear with dresses.
317. Sam spontaneously thanking Patrick for making him a snowball.
318. Christmas carols that melt self and greed and pride clean off the heart.
319. Getting my first shoveling exercise of the season.
320. Organizing the pantry and realizing there is more yumminess there than I thought!

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