Friday, November 22, 2013

291 to 300

291. My God's kind heart - overwhelmed by His tenderness today.
292. Chilling with mamas and sharing each others' struggles.
293. Last night's leftovers for lunch and supper today ... yum!
294. Both kids napping at the same time, for a long time, so I could write.
295. The clear morning sky rimmed with ominous heavy clouds.
296. Fat snowflakes dancing in the air.
297. Silly Vava saying Hi Poo when I change her diaper.
298. A quick just-to-say-hi phone call from my mama.
299. An envelope stuffed with good tears and love, addressed hilariously.
300. Unexpected old friends sitting around our table & laughing. There ought to be a really rich old word to describe that satisfying-loneliness feeling.

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