Thursday, November 21, 2013

281 to 290

281. After we dropped Patrick off at work this morning, Sam declaring, "Sam no want Papa work. Papa home. Sam work." ♥
282. Garbage day, fresh start, five minutes without a stinky diaper in the house ;).
283. Vava walking around and playing independently at playgroup.
284. A just-when-I-needed-it reminder that Jesus is with me.
285. Yumtacular supper for company that canceled ... so we got to enjoy all that deliciousness and prettification ourselves :).
286. Christmas lights shining merrily from a happy house.
287. Hazelnut Mocha Pressies and cranberry tea.
288. Patrick running to the store for formula at bedtime because I thought I could wait til tomorrow, but Vava woke up and wanted tomorrow's portion tonight.
289. Neighbourhood chimes singing in the dark.
290. My soft, high bed at the end of a busy day.

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