Monday, November 25, 2013

321 to 330

321. Vava's rabitty front tooth.
322. Sam and Vava being so happy to see each other this morning.
323. Vava bringing cranky Sam a favourite train and making the stormclouds flee.
324. A glad message from an old friend.
325. One of Vava's friends visiting this morning and totally bossing  the forward crawl.
326. The magical way a good playlist can soothe & settle everyone at once.
327. The wonder of God choosing a mercy seat to meet with us. Mercy. His heart is fixed on blessing us, redeeming us, meeting us in costly mercy.
328. Calendar squares filling up with good things.
329. Cycling beside the old man I inspired to gym-read last week.
330. Beautiful snow and bearable temperatures.

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