Wednesday, November 27, 2013

341 to 350

341. Listening to Sam's conversations when he plays alone. (Today Diego wanted to ride the tractor but he was too big and it would break.)
342. Stripping the bed and letting the kids jump on the mattress.
343. Sam helping me with laundry.
344. Vava nestling down like a kitten into fresh soft blankets.
345. Sweet Emma watching the kids s we could both go out together!
346. Sam and Vava going to sleep like champs.
347. Christmas music in four-part harmony.
348. That achey-happy homesick feeling ... wishing my sisters could meet my new friends.
349. Realizing my old boots will crunch happily through another year's worth of snow.
350. Fuzzy sheets fresh on the bed! Goodnight world ... hello coziness.

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