Wednesday, November 13, 2013

201 to 210

201. Frozen yogurt tubes for my teether.
202. Sunshiney walk.
203. Lollipops for the kids from the nice lady at the store.
204. Mittens on strings.
205. Old movies on YouTube.
206. Sam "helping" clean up.
207. Running into a lovely friend at the gym.
208. Starbucks date, warm drinks, good chat.
209. Southwest salad for supper ... with bacon, because everything should be with bacon.
2 10. A fairytale, conceived and awaiting delivery.


  1. Hey!!! Can you explain # 300???

  2. Whoops ... should've been 210, don't know what happened there. And I have a fairytale in my head that keeps knocking to be let out ... must write it soon.