Wednesday, January 8, 2014

761 to 770

761. Tucked into bed for the night, Vava wakes up and cries. Sam talks to her gently, calms her, and they jabber happily back and forth ♥.
762. Sunshine filling up the rooms, making them warm and golden.
763. Yop on sale!
764. Sam & Vava sharing crackers. She eats half of each one and replaces them in the bowl; he gobbles the remains.
765. Vava joyfully brushing her tiny wisps of hair.
766. Wonderfully simple homemade wraps, stuffed with chicken, cilantro, and salsa.
767. Help from the Maker of heaven and earth.
768. New jeans.
769. Vava cleaning up Sam's spill; her precious helpful self melting my heart.
770. Finding tons of jewellery I'd forgotten I owned.

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