Tuesday, January 28, 2014

961 to 970

961. The kids sleeping a bit later than they usually do.
962. Cuddling with my darlings on the couch, Kleenex and snippy cups at hand.
963. This conversation. Sam: "ooh, what on face?" Me, "face cream." Sam: "ice cream? Me! Me! Me!" Me, "no, not ice cream, face cream. Can you say face cream?" Sam: "fice cream." Vava: "me! Me! Me!" (I gave them face cream. It was, erm, quite the disappointment.)
964. Three happy owls :).
965. My tender-heart mama.
966. Sam wiping Vava's nose.
967. Vava devouring hot&sour soup (Sam actually spat his out on the floor, so Vava's enjoyment was way more than I expected).
968. Patrick cleaning the living room.
969. A comment on my blog! Thanks, reader-friend! ♥
970. Cheerful little messages on my cough drops ... thanks Halls!

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