Monday, January 6, 2014


Pulling down my old calendar and putting up the new one came with no small sense of relief.  Ahh.  It's over.
2013 feels a bit like a pile of rubble.
Just ... junk.  Useless.  Dust.
But - hope for 2014?
Oh yes!

Heart of fear, take courage in grace, take hope in thankfulness.

I know Someone who takes dust into His good hands and makes beautiful things.
He took dust and made humanity.
He took a valley of dry bones and made them live.
He took a barren womb and filled it with a baby.
He took a little boy's lunch and turned it into a feast.
He took a bloody cross and turned it into the door of Heaven.

He restores.
He renews.
He exchanges death for life.

He makes beautiful things out of the dust.

Go forward with hope, friends.

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