Thursday, January 9, 2014

771 to 780

771. Sam being gentle to Vava, and her offering of a bottle to him in return ♥.
772.Vava dressing up as Rainbow Bear at playgroup.
773. Vava clapping for me and bringing me a toy because I "pee poy!"
774. Sam's beautiful face flushed and happy as he played in the snow.
775. Normal winter temperatures today, instead of the -40 we've been hiding from.
776. Sam discovering we all have belly buttons and exclaiming "wow cool huh?!"
778. The kids' excitement that Christmas decorations were still up at Victoriaville mall.
779. Vava and I being pulled down the sidewalk on the sled by the two best reindeer ever.
780. Peperoncinis stuffed with cream cheese.

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