Thursday, January 16, 2014

841 to 850

841. Patrick's amazing & thoughtful aunt picking him up and taking him to work so I can have the car for playgroup without bundling up the kids and driving him in. Seriously. Amazing.
842. Sam grinning proudly at Vava when she copied him.
843. Loving friends.
844. Sam & Vava sharing a sweet hug.
845. Vava clapping for herself when she climbed up the slide all on her own.
846. (Oh sweet mercy) Sam was standing on a tray during the Terrible Awful.
847. The world's yummiest potato recipe.
848. God guiding our car into a parking lot instead of the oncoming transport when we lost control on the ice.
849. My handsome boy in his old-man jams.
850. Vava tenderly kissing her cousins' photos.

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